March  —  September, 2019.
Website undergoing development.
All jobs (< v.206) uploaded to site.
All towns transferred from Drive to site.

March 13th, 2019.
MapleStory: Design: [KMS] v.313 added.

March 7th, 2019.
MapleStory: Design: new versions added: [GMS] v.202, [JMS] v.371 — v.375, [KMS] v.306 — v.312, [CMS] v.152 — v.159. 

February 12th, 2019.
MapleStory: Design: v.202 added.

February 9th, 2019.
MapleStory: Design fix: clicking on an item in Quick View takes you to the Wiki as intended.

February 9th, 2019.
All (5th) job skills uploaded.

February 8th, 2019.
All (1st — 4th) job skills uploaded.